Energy Law

We are aware that an investor in the power industry, is required to know the legal and regulatory framework and to have experience of risk assessment. Our office has followed up all regulations and changes in the industry and attained a large body of knowledge and experience relating to the legislation governing the industry, since the introduction of the Law No 4628 liberalizing the Power Industry in 2001.

Data Protection Law

The protection of the private data of individuals is one of the major issues facing almost all businesses today. From various kinds of companies that employ personnel to retail companies to hospitals, all sorts of establishments collect, store and process personal data. The legal dimension of these procedures is governed by certain principles, such as express consent and the obligation to inform.

Dispute Resolution and Arbitration

Parties to a commercial or business relationship often apply to courts or arbitration rules, for the resolution of disputes, when they have not been able to find a satisfactory mutually acceptable agreement.

About Us

Bosca Law firm is a full service law firm practising mainly in Ankara and İstanbul. Our law firm is one of the experienced energy law firms in Turkey. We have experience in providing legal services to major international and local clientele. We are experts in energy, M&A, banking and finance, project finance, privatization, litigation and arbitration. We are specialists in providing legal services in all phases of energy investments, including renewable energy and have extensive knowledge of energy regulations in Turkey. We represent leading companies in a variety of related sectors The firm’s lawyers represent a wide range of local and international clients.

We know that legal services are dependent upon business itself. Keeping this in mind, all our efforts aim to assist business in their endeavors and help them to finish their projects on time. Our main principle is to meet the needs of each client by working with them exclusively and carry out our legal work promptly. We achieve this by providing a full range of services which correspond to a variety of practice areas of law.

Our commitment is to deliver legal expertise and resources for our clients. We operate using our extensive network of lawyers to provide value added services. We combine legal proficiency and experience to provide legal services with the latest technology, to achieve the best results for our clients.

Building strong and substantial client relationships was and still remains the compass for BOSCA Law Office’s business strategy and future development. The firm's core objective is to work in partnership with our clients to help them meet their business objectives, whenever and wherever they need.