Energy Law

We are aware that an investor in the power industry, is required to know the legal and regulatory framework and to have experience of risk assessment. Our office has followed up all regulations and changes in the industry and attained a large body of knowledge and experience relating to the legislation governing the industry, since the introduction of the Law No 4628 liberalizing the Power Industry in 2001.

The extensive knowledge and experience of our office in the field of energy law and industry, enable us to provide our clients with comprehensive legal opinions. Furthermore, our assessments and analysis pertaining to the legal risks that may be encountered by corporations investing in the power industry, as well as the banks and financial institutions financing power projects, enable our clients to address such risks.

Our office has provided legal consulting services to national and international power corporations since its inception. The scope of our legal services, comprise following up licensing proceedings, preparing preliminary legal examinations and due diligence reports, drawing up and negotiating project finance agreements in power investments, preparing shareholders agreements, share purchase agreements and engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) agreements and interpreting existing agreements, developing offtake agreements,  preparing applications to Competition Authority, carrying out administrative procedures, conducting expropriation actions and settlement of disputes.

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