Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions are a sign of a well-functioning economy and most importantly, one of most effective ways of bringing proceeds to the owners and investors of companies. Corporate acquisitions securing a high revenue are alluring options for company owners and entrepreneurs intending to enjoy the asset created in an operation. In mergers and acquisitions, legal effects and consequences of such transactions, obtaining funds from financial institutions, legal organization of the companies and agreements, are important components that need be addressed.

Our clients, whether purchasing or selling, are active in mergers and acquisitions. Our office is experienced in all actions and transactions at all stages of mergers and acquisitions, ranging from preliminary legal examinations and due diligence to bidding, share purchase agreements closures.

We provide legal consulting services to our clients in mergers and acquisitions, comprising preparation of legal examination and due diligence reports, issuing and negotiating share purchase agreements, conducting Competition Authority proceedings and closure transactions.

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